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We provide national and international training

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Leading Provider

Training services are some of the most sought after in the UK

Emergency Carers

Affordable emergency carers are on standby, from general to specific requirements


All training provided by Snowdrop Care and Training Ltd is accredited, and certificates are awarded upon completion

Leading Provider in Care Industry

The training provided by Snowdrop Care and Training Ltd are highly valued by clients such as Prometheus Safe and Secure (specialist transport for the mental health sector), BUPA and the NHS

Emergency Carers on Standy

Emergency carers can be supplied at affordable rates, within a 24-hour window, or a 12-hour short notice, high priority window, (subscribtion only). Specialist carers can't be provided at short notice

Accredited to Industry Standard

Accredited training provided is accompanied with a certificate. The training is only available for organistations in the health industry, however, we do provide First Aid training, which is also accredited

What people are saying...

Chloe B. - NHS Trust Receptionist

"Professionalism is Snowdrop Care and Training's namesake!"

John D. - Prometheus Safe and Secure

"We are known for secure transport of patients, but it is also good to upskill and diversify our profiles to assist in the care of less volitile, but vunerable patients. Great training by these guys"

Gaby A. - Ward Nurse (NHS)

"Snowdrop's training is really professional. Highly recommended for any health and care institution"